a natural skincare designed for tweens & teens
That combines the quality of natural and organic ingredients with the innovation and effectiveness of its made in Italy formulas wrapped in sustainable packs.
Our idea, a dedicated range
Created for 10+ kids who could identify with its values: organic, sustainable, fun! The name Nateena is nothing more than a play on words between Nature and Teen.
The project, Nature and Teen
The idea stems from an unsatisfied need: the one of a mother and her daughter, not yet a teenager, to find specific quality products for this age group.

The founder

“We were living in Singapore, where the skincare routine is a dogma and therefore the shelves of specialized stores and the online offer are very wide. Nonetheless, it was difficult to find a brand with the characteristics we wanted and that would meet both my needs as a mother and those of my daughter at the same time. Hence the idea, that perhaps there was room to create something new designed on the basis of what we both considered important. After numerous researches, comparisons, outbursts of enthusiasm and moments of “why did I put myself in this?”, the idea began to take the shape of a real project. A move and several months later, spurred above all by my biggest fans,my husband and my children, Nateena has become a startup”.

Alessia Anfuso