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Organic ingredients
good enough to eat…
but don’t!

The perfect skincare
for your young skin


Not just a matter of quality, but the best option to make your skin and the planet look healthier and happier.


We have studied the best combination of ingredients to meet the needs of your skin.


We minimize packaging, use only 100% recycled plastic and simplify the routine steps.

Tested and recommended by the team of beauty experts of the most widely read digital magazine in Spain: El Español, who described our brand as, “…A wonderful, ecological and sustainable project…. Products your children will want to try…”.

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Made in Italy skincare designed for tweens and teens with organic formulas with up to 99% of natural ingredients.

Clean products
Clear skin

In Nateena we believe that “easy” is a value. To us it means proposing a range able to give you all you need, in order to take care of your skin, with no extra. Not just to make it easier for you, but because we believe that it’s more ethical and sustainable.
Find your skincare routine:
Keep it easy, make it effective!
If your goal is to keep
your skin moisturized
and enhance its glow
If your goal is to have
a deep purified skin with
less blackheads and pimples.